The best place in the world

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Good morning my name is First.Today I will talk about the best place in the would.The best place in the would I'm think is Phang nga. Phang nga is small city in south Thailand.First I going to talk about the weather then i will talk about population and finally I will talk about scenery.

What the weather like in Phang nga? Phang nga has 2 seasons rainy and summer.When summer season it's very hot about 35 degrees and when rainy season it's has flood.

Now let move on the people.The population in Phang nga about 260,461 people.People in Phang nga are very kind,but some people come from Myanmar to work with Thai people because Thailand is easy to come in and it's easy to make money.

Finally let talk about the scenery.Phang nga has a very beautiful beach,People can go to swimming or surfing but they have to wear sun cream because the sun is very hot.

Thank you

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