Personality of my best friend.

I am going to talk about my friend who I met in junior high school. I can say that he is my closest friend.

When I met him for the first time, we didn't talk to each other a lot because we were kind of introverted. The reason why we became close is playing and watching soccer together. However, we supported different teams. I liked Manchester United and he liked Liverpool. They were also famous rivals in the world. After that, when they played games, we often watched those games.

His personality that I liked makes me comfortable when he is by my side. If I had some problems or concerns I would talk to him, he always listened and comforted me and tried to help me. So, I always talk to hime first when I have trouble. While I have known him fot 15 years, we haven't fought each other at all, even row, apart from watching soccer.

His personality that I hate is just supporting my rival team. I like everything about him. When I go back to my country, I am going to see him first.

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