Hi, everyone.

My name is Miki from Japan.

I'm going to talk about food waste.

Have you ever eaten anything that was past its use by date?

I've had some foods past their use by date. For example, some bread, dessert, snacks and sauces and nothing ever happen. I think throwing food away is wasteful. We call it 'MOTTAINAI' in Japanese. This word by Wangari Mattai is famous in the world. Food past the sell by date is just as delicious. It hasn't gone off so we can still eat it. I remember even now, when I worked at a convenience store in Japan I did throw away a lot of foods before their sell by date because it's a rule of the company. I didn't understand this system because it's still good and not past the date. I was always taught "MOTTAINAI" and I wanted to take food home but, it's a crime so I couldn't do it. Nowadays, companies have started to give loyalty points to customers who buy foods that have almost expired in order to throw away less food.

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