About my friend personality what I like /hate

I will talk about my friend’s personality.What kind of time do you think friends are important?I have a best friend who I have known since we were children.

We used to play afte scool. It was a family relationship. When we become high school students,he dropped out of the school and he has been in my house every day like our family. He might spend his time in my house longer than me. When my mother and he were walking with the dog,the neighbor mistook him for me. Thus he is a very extrovert personality. At the same time he is also arrogant,sometimes I was frustrated by his selfish behavior. On the other hand,my personality was introverated and shy. He always took me outside and played with many friends,It is thanks to him that I am who I am.

In my opinion people‘s personalities change depending on their surroundings and friends. I have heard that your personality is combined of five friends who surround you. Having a good friend helps your personalities to improve. I want to be a good friend that affects someone’s Personalities positively.

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